Fun Week! Rest Week! Whatever you kinda want to week!

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So there have been a few events and it is early in the season.

The next program will be out next week to cover a 4 week period of time.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share some links of other great organizers and events. We are very lucky to have so many great organizers interested in providing us riders with such awesome variety.

There are some great races in the Superfly series listed here

Superfly events are short and faster paced than the Substance Series events. This really helps us work on race specific bike handling skills.

Pulse Racing is another company with some really neat events, similar in length or longer than the substance events. These can be found here

Pulse events range from all single track, to 8-hour to the biggest and best Canada Cup in Canada!

Chico racing also has some longer races to challenge either yourself solo, or join a team. These events can be found at

So for this week enjoy your bike, make sure you recover well if you did the first Ontario Cup.

Look out for the next block of training which will be up for next week.


Steve Neal