SubstanX (Cyclocross)

2017 Cyclo-Cross with Substance Projects.
So we are known for running competitive but fun and accessible bike races, and we intend to continue that vibe with our ‘Cross races!
The Cookie Cross in Toronto was such a great event with lots of opportunities for pros and beginners to enjoy the course and we hope to bring that feel to some new locales.

Lot’s more detail coming soon, but the dates seem key:
September 10: Trail Tours Cross – Millbrook/Pontypool
September 17: Kingston Cross – MTBKingston @ the Farm Kingston
October 28: Cookie Cross by CXTO (not us, but we are stoked!)
October 29: Burning Kiln Cross @ Burning Kiln Winery in Turkey Point (yup, it is licensed!)

If you have an OCA license (or any UCI License), bring it! If you don’t, you can still get insurance at the race for $8.

Since announcing that we are running ‘cross races this fall, we have had a lot of questions. (Well, at least, Barry (AKA CaptainSlow) keeps asking stuff.) So it seemed like a good idea to have an FAQ section. Drumroll, please…

Q: What type of bike do I need?
A: For the Beginner races you can ride any bike that you want as long as it’s safe (even a Fat Bike). If you want to participate in the other races, you need a bike that fits the UCI criteria for a Cyclo-cross bike. The crew at Bateman’s Bicycle Co. are happy to help you sort that out.

Q: What if I don’t have the skills to pay the bills? I have seen some super pro shenanigans on the youtubes, and I am not sure if I am up for it!
A: Don’t worry! Come on out and have a great time with us. You can totally do this. The course is fun, and we save the sketchy descents for the pros. Just ride your own speed and relax.

(And remember: jump off early for the barriers and go your own pace so you don’t go all ‘Joey!!’ on us.)

Q: Do I need to wear a spandex onesie?
A: No. They are called skinsuits, and they are reserved for those who are serious about this stuff or who really want to dress up like a superhero but have yet to find an appropriate venue. So, wear whatever you’re comfortable in: onesie, regular cycling clothes, baggies, or even a full-on superhero costume.

(Actually… we would prefer it if you wore a superhero costume…)

Q: I heard that Cyclo-cross is supposed to happen in city parks. Are the Bateman’s Bicycle Co. SubstanX events in parks?
A: No. While we love to argue as much as the next guy with people who feel that grass is sacred and therefore must remain pristine, we are trying something a little different: bike racing on private property owned by people who like racing bikes. We’ll see how it works…

Q: Where can I register for all this awesomeness?

A: On our webscorer page.

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