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Always great to read such positive feedback about our sponsors!

“In the 2015 Marathon season I won a month pass to the Cycling Gym in Toronto. I was skeptical that it would help as I hadn’t been training indoors for 20 years. Those classes 20 years ago were spinning classes. For 2015 my average weekly ride time was 10 hours peak season and never indoors. I was trying to do the least training with the highest return. I was taught to train using heart rate. The goal was to start at 30 minutes at 80% max heart rate and work up to 3 hours gradually. It was for the endurance side of the equation. Power was worked on through racing and sourcing hard rides with people faster than I was.

Then the Cycling Gym happened. I was blown away by the efficiency of wattage training. It got me to my goals directly without any wasted time. I am a mountain biker and use a road bike to develop a strong engine. That usually means hours and hours of training. Every spring it is a challenge to cram in the needed hours take care of fatigue and maintain a full time job. Not to mention the corrosiveness it has on relationships with significant people in your life. I decided to take two classes a week at the gym and ride in a group on my own two days on the weekend. When the month was up I bought another month. I saw results so quickly I was instantly sold on the method. Steve Neal and Andrew Randall the proprietors/ coaches are an immense source of information and wisdom from years in the sport of cycling. They can answer those questions gnawing at you and help you find a solution.I came out onto the streets with more strength than I did last year from tempo training at the Velodrome in Milton. I highly recommend this gym. Every dollar spent has been worth it.

David Dermont”


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