Winter Race Series Coming in 2016

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There are still details being worked out, but here is what we know so far:

  1. It will be fun. There will be serious competition at the front of the race, but there will be lots of fun and falling in snow as well.
  2. Location: Working on it! Gonna be in Southern Ontario. As soon as we know, you will know.
  3. Length of races: Still looking at what people seem to like else where. The plan is to have different formats at different venues. Some will suit a bit more of a multi-lap short course event, some will suit a longer loop. Current thinking is 15-50k range. If people look fresh and ready for more we will have to add a longer race next year.
  4. When: 3-4 race series from January to early March (with a make up date incase of really really bad weather).
  5. Heat: We will have some sort of warming-tent/changing area. Still working on all the details here.
  6. The trails will be groomed. Either existing snow-bike trails in a forest or well groomed new trails if needed. We are currently looking at a mix of single-track and snowmobile/double track.

If you have input or questions please feel free to get a hold of us. or you can message us on and


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