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3rd race of the 45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series p/b Cycle Solutions

The super-neato people of TeamVanGo are working hard on a great piece of single track through the Dufferin County Forest for this winter. Rolling hills and tons of fun await you… maybe a gorilla. (Don’t ask us. They’re just like that there.)

The course will be 8 km long (depending on conditions) with a mix of groomed single track and some snowmobile track. When you’re done riding, come grab some chili and hot chocolate and warm up by the fire.

Where: Dufferin County Forest Main Tract. 937513 Airport Road, Mansfield Ontario

When: January 28, 2017. Registration 9-10 am. Race starts at 11 am.

Late registration pricing starts January 23! Don’t wait until the last minute!!! (online registration closes 7pm January 26, but there will be day-of registration, cash only)

How long: 16km (2 laps) 32km (4 laps). (subject to change… winter and all) We will firm this up late in the week of the race. With the winter conditions this year being all over we are still working hard to make sure it is the best possible race/ride experience we can provide. Racing fatbikes  is all about having fun!!

Permitted tires sizes:3.0 and up. We are allowed a Chubby Category at the race so welcome all the 3.0-3.7 tires and we will see you Saturday. There is a 3.0-3.7 Chubby Cat, and everyone else is in their age/sex/ability-to-work-shifter category. 

Who it’s for: Everyone who likes to ride in the snow… or who wants to try it out!

Food: Chili and hot chocolate at the finish line. No money needed. All included. (Feel free to bring your own bowl and spoon. You’ll be our eco-hero.)
Prizes: Cool medals for the podium, plus amazing draw prizes for everyone!

Course Map can be found here from last year…

start picCheck out the gallery at Apex Race Photography and grab a memory from the hardest ride you ever did!

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  1. Brian Anderson

    Hi there:

    I’m interested in registering for the Frozen Beaver event January 9. I notice on the registration page that an OCA license or permit may be required. Can this be purchased at the event or must I arrange beforehand to be able to register for your event?



  2. Dan

    Hi Brian,
    If you have an OCA license then please bring it/fill it in. If you don’t however, the OCA is working with us on this and allowing people to race with just signing a waiver on site. See you there!

  3. Brian Anderson

    Hi Dan:

    I Have completed the registration page and have sent it but have not receive confirmation or prompt to pay on-line. Would you please confirm you have received my registration and let me know if payment is to be made now or at the event.

    Thanks again,


  4. Dan

    just sent it to you. A simple way to prevent fraud and service fees and make things simpler is to do it manually.

  5. Nick Colucco

    It was a great race!

    A little sloppy but a nice test for my first Fatbike race!


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