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Pics from Martin Lortz

Race 4 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series p/b Cycle Solutions

Just up the road from the location of The Humbler is where you’ll find The Snumbler (Snow + Humbler… get it? Yeah, we’re awesome at names). The trails promise to be a fun mix of open and fast with some tighter sections.



The course will be about 10km long, with the short race doing 2 laps and the long race doing 4 laps. The heater (local laws say no fires 🙁   ) and warming area will be right by the lap/finish area. When you’re done riding, enjoy the chili, hot chocolate and memorable ‘fireside’ stories.



The course has one main climb off the start of about 100m in 1.5k. Then rolling but the single track is slightly down.

Where: Northumberland County Forest Woodland Tract. 7691 Northumberland 45, Roseneath, Ontario (44.119045, -78.092484)

When: February 4, 2017. Registration 9-10 am. Race starts at 11 am.

Late registration pricing starts January 30! Don’t wait until the last minute!!! (online registration closes 7pm February 2, but there will be day-of registration, cash only)

How long: 20km (two laps) 40km (four laps).

Permitted tires sizes: 3.5” or wider. (in other words, fat bikes and 27+ bikes) we are going to have a chubby cat after all… 3.0-3.7 Open will be an option. 

Who it’s for: Everyone who likes to ride in the snow… or who wants to try it out!

Food: Chili at the finish line. (Feel free to bring your own bowl and spoon. You’ll be our eco-hero.)

Prizes: Cool medals and beer for the podium, plus amazing draw prizes for everyone! 

Course Map:

course map snumbler


Also the trail map may be helpful. Feel free to download and take with you on the trail. The location markers are very clear.


Northumberland County Forest map

Rider Briefing


Course Marking: We use two symbols: Our arrows are orange on a white background. Our “X” is orange on a white background.

A single arrow pointing up means that you are going the right way. An arrow turned 45 degrees to either side indicates a turn is coming shortly. An arrow pointing to the side means you are turning here. There may be a few at each corner.

An “X” means you have made a wrong turn. Go back. If you find a corner without any marking you have likely missed a turn. Look around for signs of vandalism or head back. There is no Lead Moto. They don’t run well in snow…

You can almost just follow the grooming line!

Other Users: IMORTANT: The course crosses a snowmobile trail at 5 points. Look out, the sleds are flying through so make sure you are safe! At the request of the Snowmobile club we are requiring you to stop and yield at the crossing. Each crossing has a sign. The trail is officially closed for snowmobiling but there have still been people out riding.

It is also possible that you may encounter skiers, hikers, or other fatbikers; be nice and follow usual trail etiquette.

Feed Zones: There will be a feed zone at the start finish. You can have a friend hand you something but please no running.

There will be water in the feed zone and a pump and multi tool… there are so many tube options that we aren’t even going to try.

Passing: There will be passing, be nice to each other. In the single-track, if you hear a rider approach quickly from behind, please move to let them by as soon as is SAFE for both of you. The groomer pulled three tires where ever we could to give you lots of room to pass especially right near the finish.

Don’t forget to call you pass out! (“on your left” or “on your right” but not “hey get out of my way I am super important! Don’t you know who I am!?!?!” Don’t do that last one.)

First Aid: Odyssey Medical is here to help you out. They will be at the finish line and if you need help on course there is a course marshal at 5k who can relay a message.


DNFs: If you fail to complete, you must notify someone! If you pull out of the race, don’t head off course to find your “own way back.” It’s very easy to get lost in here. And while we’re happy to rescue riders in trouble, it takes a lot of work to find people and puts others at risk.

After: We will try to do the podium about 15 minutes after the last rider finishes (maybe earlier for the long course) as long as we are not dragging bodies off the trail. There is Chili and hot chocolate while you wait.

Garbage: Take your garbage out with you! Don’t drop stuff in the forest. Just don’t. Ok?

Distance: The lap is 9.7k. Your Garmin/inner-sense/perfectly-calibrated-computer is wrong. Deal with it. There are countdown signs at 5k to go and 1k to go.

The ‘Short’ Course riders will do 20k / 2 Laps

The ‘Long’ Course riders will do 40k / 4 Laps


Apex Race Photography event pictures 2016

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