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The Race: The third round of the Ontario Gravel Series will be a rolling and challenging course starting at the Baltimore Recreation Centre in Baltimore Ontario. The race/ride will roll through Northumberland County, Hamilton Township and Alnwick-Haldimand Township roads and tracks keeping everyone on their toes.

This is an 80k, 40k or 20k bicycle race/ride. That is it. It isn’t a road race or a mountain bike race or a fondo, or even a fondue. It is just a bike race/ride. With a lot of gravel (and a little forestry track for fun).

Course Map:

Coming Soon!

Where to stay?  Coming soon

How Many Laps? 1. Yup, just one big loop to glory! Each distance will be one lap so PAY ATTENTION to the signs or you will go way to long, or way to short.

Approximate course lengths : 80k, 40k and 20k.


What to ride? The course is designed around a typical gravel/cross bike. You can ride a mountain bike, some will ride a Fat Bike, and if you really want you can try a road bike.

Photo Credit: Apex Race Photography

Where: The start/finish is at Baltimore Recreation Centre in Baltimore Ontario.


When: September 14, 2019

Registration Info: 

20k: $40 (Early bird discount until June 14 – $30. Last minute registration as of September 7 – $45)

40k: $60 (Early bird discount until June 14 – $50. Last minute registration as of September 7 – $80)

80k: $80 (Early bird discount until June 14 – $70. Last minute registration as of September 7 – $100)

Entry fee includes:

  • Post race meal
  • finisher ‘trophy’ (pint glass) when you finish
  • schwag item (socks)
  • stocked aid stations
  • first aid by Odyssey Medical
  • ‘Over-marked’ course so you can enjoy the day without worrying about getting lost
  • inclusive and encouraging vibe
  • Wicked draw prizes (which everyone can win!)
  • Beer and a cool trophy for the podium
  • A portable toilet on the route

Aid Stations: You can send out supplies (1 gallon zip-lock bag per person per station) and we will have eLoad, water, (and a little coke…) and fruit, gummy stuff, some salty stuff and pickles along with some tools and cheering. You are required to be self supported though so carry tools and tubes or other parts you might need with you. We will not allow ‘private’ support on course as it contributes to far too much traffic on narrow winding roads already taxed by the race. It is also a little unfair to others. If you have someone who wants to support you they can help out at an Aid Station and support you as well while they are there.

There will be bins at registration in to which you can drop a 1 gallon zip lock bag. Each bin will be marked.

Spectating on course: If you would like to watch someone and follow them along please refrain from driving any more than is necessary on the roads used for the race and please. All roads are open as per the Highway Traffic Act and signage, however some roads are narrower and not suitable for support/spectator traffic during the event.

EB2.0 in fall colours

Post race there will be great food and general ‘hanging around after a bike ride/race with cool people’ kind of vibe. There will be food and drinks after as well as some killer draw prizes!

Whining: We will have a strict ‘No Whining’ policy. If it was easy and all downhill then it wouldn’t feel like you have accomplished anything. You have to earn it!

Signage: There will be lots of signage on course. Arrows warning of a turn, arrows telling you to turn, arrows telling you that you have made the right turn, arrows telling you to go straight…. Lots of arrows. We will also have signs warning you of the ‘Sections’ with each one listed and details given in advance of the event. We may even have a preview video of each Section. (I may have watched too many spring classic road races!)

Bike: What bike can you use? Any bike you want as long as it is pedal powered and has two wheels. We love the gravel/cross bike stuff and the course is designed around them but you may want something else and if you are happy, we are happy. We like bikes!

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The Highway Traffic Act applies

The roads are not closed. You are expected to follow all traffic laws. If you are caught breaking them you will be disqualified. There is a lot of climbing and rough surface. You will not win or lose the race by running a stop sign, so don’t!

Odyssey Medical will be on site to take care of any first aid issues. If you or a rider near you is injured during the race call Odyssey Medical at 1-800-444-1017 or report to one of the Aid Stations.



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