Race 5 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series p/b Cannondale
We are excited to be working with the gang at Hardwood Ski and Bike again in 2019 as they will be hosting the final round of the series for 2019.
For complete details check out their site.
When: March 10, 2019. Day of registration and sign in opens at 8 am, race starts at 10 am.
How Long: The course is approximately 15k long. Long course will be 2 laps, short course will be 1 laps. Course map shortly.
Permitted Tire Sizes: Final say in tires at Hardwood Ski and Bike will be determined by Hardwood.  However, new for 2018 we have a Chubby Cat. There is a 3.0 – 3.5 x 27.5/29 Category. Or we have the age based categories for 3.7 and up bikes.  There is a strict NO WHINING policy regarding tire width. We have to keep all the groomers happy or they will roll over us with their equipment.
Who is it for: Everyone who likes to ride bikes and wants to get out to a fun event at a new location. Don’t have a fat bike? Well guess what, there are lots of places to buy a saweeeeeet new Fat Caad. There are also shops who will rent one to you for the day.
Food: Hardwood Ski and Bike has a great selection of food and drinks in their licensed chalet.


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