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October 14, 2017 Dufferin County Forest

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Until midnight October 10: $35 ($30 Under 20)

As of Wednesday Morning October 11 : $45 ($40 Under 20)

Online registration closes Thursday night at midnight, but there will be day-of registration until 13:00… but please come around noon!

What is the Sausage Suit ITT: This is a time trial format cross country mountain bike race (And a BYO BBQ / Camp-out overnight with Team Van Go in the upper field after!). Instead of one big group leaving at once and bunching up in the first single track, and intimidating beginners, riders at the SSITT will head onto the course one at a time in 30 second intervals. Set your own pace and go as hard as you like. If someone catches you from behind, please let them by as quickly as you can SAFELY (both for you and for them).

This is a 15k race, a 30k race. 

The Course: It will be fun for anyone to ride. If you are not a super strong single track rider you will have fun. If you are a strong technical rider, you will go fast. Like good chocolate, it is 95% pure. There will be just enough double track for some passing. 15k is one lap. 30k is two laps… There are a few log-overs on course. (This is sarcasm. There are a lot of logs, but there is always a ride-around which is just a bit slower)

Schedule for Sausage Suit ITT:

12:00 Registration Open
13:00 Registration Closed (Riding)
13:00 Kids Race
13:30 Bike Race Start (30 Sec intervals, starting with 30k then 15k)
17:00 Podium (or earlier if we can)
17:30 Hanging out with Team Van Go and bring stuff for the BBQ! Bring a tent and stay the night.

SSITT Course Map 2016

Team VanGo: A portion of the proceeds from this race will go to Team VanGo to buy tools to maintain the trails we will be riding on. Team VanGo has been working hard for years to keep the trails open and in great shape and have developed great relationships with the other user groups which helps make this such a fun and successful public trail centre. Let’s help them keep up the great work! And lets bring food and other refreshments to camp out for the night up at the old prison. (I know, sounds like a Scooby Doo episode!)


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