April 20, 2019 Dufferin County Forest

For 2019 the Sausage Suit ITT will be part of the Cannondale XCMarathon Series. Ontario’s big lap endurance race series.

What is the Sausage Suit ITT: This is a time trial format cross country mountain bike race. Instead of one big group leaving at once and bunching up in the first single track, and intimidating beginners, riders at the SSITT will head onto the course one at a time in 30 second intervals. Set your own pace and go as hard as you like. If someone catches you from behind, please let them by as quickly as you can SAFELY (both for you and for them).

This is a 48k / 24k / 10k race. 

Day-of Registration is available:

$73 Marathon (65 +HST)

$62 Half Marathon ($55 + HST)

$50 Sprint ($45 +HST)

The Course: It will be fun for anyone to ride. If you are not a super strong single track rider you will have fun. If you are a strong technical rider, you will go fast. For 2019 the course will be redesigned with new trails and a new layout.


Schedule for Sausage Suit ITT:

9:00 – Registration

10:30 -Registration closed for Marathon and Half-Marathon

11:00  – First Marathon Start (48k – 2 laps)

11:30  – First Half-Marathon Start (pending all marathon riders started. 5 minute gap between last Marathon and first Half-Marathon Start) (24k – 1 lap)

13:00 – First Sprint Start (10k – 1 lap)

14:00 – Podium

The county has advised us that we need to enforce the no alcohol policy at the SSITT.  For more information regarding this matter please see Team Van Go’s post.


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