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Substance Projects is stepping up to the CycloCross plate and we are sooo excited about it! Short, fast, fun and interesting courses with some tricky turns and a few unique features… Yup, this is going to rock! (and food trucks, can’t have ‘cross without food!)

The Substance ‘cross races are Citizens events so we will be focusing on having a great challenging course and great organization for the pros, but keeping it super fun and open to complete newbs. Don’t have a proper cross bike? No problem! We have a category for that.. we even have a Fat Bike category. And kids/youth racing.

It’s going to be a blast.


  1. If you have an OCA License or any UCI License bring it. If you don’t, fill out the waiver and get a Non-Member one-day license.
  2. Registration for each start closes 1 hour prior to the start. Please arrive on time so that we can get all the info in the timing system and keep things on-time throughout the day.


The race is on the north side of the Ganaraska Forest. The soil is sandy. However there is a lot of grass (growing from sand) to get extra grip with a 1 foot wide section of packed sand for most of the course. There are sections with well packed soil with a sandy base. There are also two short forest sections with more organic mater in the soil making it a little different.

Over the summer there has been a lot of rain. A lot!! So some sections have rocks which weren’t there last year, or earlier this year. We have raked them and tried to get rid of the majority of them over the days leading up to the race, but it may be wise to run 5psi more than normal.


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Trail Tours Cross


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Sunday September 10, 2017


Trail Tours

300-600 Sandaraska Rd.

Pontypool, ON L0A 1K0

Event Schedule:

7:30  Registration open

9:00  Novice Men Elite(E4) (19-34) and Novice Men Master (M3) (35+)

40 Min. CycloCross and MTB (no barends) allowed.

10:00         Youth Race Boys and Girls U15, U13 Licensed riders

30 Min. CycloCross and MTB (no barends) allowed.

10:10 Podium for 9:00 Start

10:50 Intermediate Open Men(E3) (19-34), Int. Men Master (M2) (35+), U19Men, U17Men, SingleSpeed Men

50 Min. CycloCross and MTB (no barends) allowed.

11:00 Podium for 10:00 Start

12:00         Women’s Race: Elite (19-29), Master (30+), U19, U17, SingleSpeed

50 Min. CycloCross and MTB (no barends) allowed.

12:10 Podium for 10:50 Start

13:00 Free Kids Race. Shortened Course, any bike. 2 Laps

13:10 Podium for 12:00 Start

13:30 Beginner Try-a-cross race: Men, Women, Fat-Bike (3.5+ tires)

2 Laps

14:30         Open Men (E1/2) (19-34), Master Men (M1) (35+), Expert U19

60 Min. UCI Cyclocross equipment rules applied.

16:00 Podium for 14:30 Start.


Fees:            Before Sept 3  Sept 3 – 7         Day-of

U19, U17, U15, U13,

Beginner Men/Women          $25                     $30                     $35


All Other Categories             $20                     $35                     $45

Racing an additional cat.      $10                     $10                     $10


Numbers will be provided and are to be on back pocket and shoulders

 RFID Chip

Provided chip must be attached to helmet for accurate timing.



  • The races will be held under the rules of the UCI/CCA with OCA modifications. Find CCA/OCA rules online at
  • Warming up on course while races are going on is prohibited. Please be courteous to fellow racers.
  • A pit is located on course for servicing equipment and changing bikes or wheels. Riders may not travel backwards or cut the course to reach the entrance with the exception of a mishap occurring AFTER the pit entrance but BEFORE the pit exit (travel backwards to pit entrance in this case).
  • Any rider dropping out of the race shall immediately notify a commissaire or risk a penalty.
  • Lapped riders may be pulled at the order of the commissaires, either after being overtaken or just before being overtaken.


License: If you do not have an OCA Race or Citizen’s Permit you can pay for a Non-Member/One-Day permit at registration (online or at the event)



  • The UCI rules for bicycles and equipment are outlined in Part 1, Chapter 3 UCI rule book.
  • The use of mountain bikes, or bikes with flat handlebars (provided bar ends are removed) is permitted in all categories except Open Men and Master Men (14:30 Start). A traditional cyclocross-style bike with drop handlebars must be used in these categories.
  • Disc brakes are permitted.
  • Helmet mounted cameras are not permitted.

Course Map:

Trail Tours Cross Map

Team Tents/Trailers:

If you have a team tent or trailer please send us an email and advise the size. There is plenty of space on the second straight or on the Start/Finish Straight. The Pits are very close to the end of the second straight.

Thanks to our sponsors:

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Race Hospitals:


Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

1 Hospital Dr, Peterborough ON K9J 7C6


Lakeridge Health

47 Liberty St S, Bowmanville ON L1C 2N4


Northumberland Hills Hospital

1000 Depalma Dr, Cobourg ON K9A 5W6


Ross Memorial Hospital

10 Angeline St N Lindsay ON K9V 5B7




Emergency Action Plan

Trained first responders from Odyssey Medical will be on hand to deal with any first aid emergencies. They will be located at the Orange Medical tent near the start finish area unless on course dealing with an incident.


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