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Results 2018: Homage 2 Sugar-Snow. Congratulations to everyone who raced out there! All the rest of the races this year will seem easy now.

Marathon 2018

Half 2018

Important Note: The weather sucks!! We made some changes as the forecast keeps changing and now is for snow…


Sorry for the late notice. We have spent the day on the trail and talking with people (riders, trail/club manager people, parents of riders, etc.), trying to figure out the best way to deal with the crappy weather situation.


First off, the local club is still supportive of the event happening, and we have a plan if there is trail damage. There is a reason we run early season races here. (We’re not alone in this. Note that the Ontario Cup next weekend is 500m from tomorrow’s start line.)


Second, it is going to be cold and wet. In other words, this will be a Rule #9 race – no point beating around the bush. But, there is also no point in making everyone be out in the cold for 4 hours. So, we have shortened the course a little to bring the full lap down to around 17k. The Half-Marathon will still do 1 lap and the Marathon 2 laps. Race, eat, podium, draw prize, go home and get warm. Seems best.

Regarding the Sprint/U19 race, with conditions as they are, we have made the difficult decision to cancel it for tomorrow. There is no 2pm start. Since the revamped distance for the Half-Marathon is now within the target range of the Sprint, riders who signed up for the Sprint can either participate in the Half-Marathon or switch their entry to another of our races later in the season.

We would also like to remind everyone that the Dufferin County Forest has a no alcohol policy. Please respect this and have your recovery drink at home. We will have hot chocolate and chili at the finish for you. That is still cool.

If any of the changes are a real problem for you let us know. Preferably in a nice way. We want to help. But we may be a little busy with all this crazy happening so be patient. The new course map will be posted here very shortly.


The first XC MTB race of the season, and the first marathon of the season


XCMarathon Results 2017

Half-Marathon Results 2017


WARNING! Pre-reg discount ends at 11:59pm Tuesday April 10.

Early Registration Pricing: $45 Half-Marathon; $55 Marathon; Sprint/U19 $30

Race Day registration is open. (and it still includes the post race food!)

$54.87 for the Half Marathon (+HST = 62); $64.60 for the Full Marathon (+HST=73); $39.82 for U19/Sprint (+HST=45)

How Long: Marathon race, 3 hrs for first place is the goal, and Half-Marathon goal is 1.5 hours and 45 minutes for the Sprint/U19. The distance and course will be confirmed as we get closer and have some idea what the weather is doing!

Why: Because it is the most fun you can have on a bike on April 14. Connect with old friends and test out the legs before the first big races

What is different this year? We have the new  U19/Sprint category debuting at the H2i. We heard that some people were intimidated by the 25-35k distance in a mountain bike race. We know that you can do it, but why not have a stepping stone to greatness! Also in the legendary XCMarathon series the first Leader’s Jerseys of 2018 will be awarded for the  Men Under 35, Men 35-49, Master Men (50+), Single Speed, and Open Women. It looks like we are in for a fast, snow free race this year. One month ahead and there is only a few pockets of snow left in the forest (remember to stay off the trails until they get a chance to dry out) so the course should be gravel road free this year!

There wont be any major climbs but a few good rolling climbs to test your fitness in the early season.

Course Map: More single track than you can imagine!! Thanks to Team VanGo for working on keeping the trails so awesome!

Course: 17k.

Marathon: 2laps, 1 aid stations

Half-Marathon: 1 Laps, 

U19/Sprint: 1 Lap.

Aid Station: There is one aid station at the start finish line. For the Marathon riders you will pass the aid station once.  There will be an area you can leave bottles or other things in the tent. We also have limited room for teams to set up tents for their riders.  There will also be water, eLoad, bananas, and some other grabby food at the aid station (some people like pickles… I don’t get it but who am I to judge?). We will also have a multi tool, some chain lube, a floor pump and some tubes. We have given up on having the right tube for you. There are now officially just too many options. If you can stick the tube that is there in your bike then great! get back in the race. You can send a tube to the aid station but we are not taking wheels etc.

When: April 14, 2018. Registration opens at 9:00 and closes 1 hour before your race start.  XCMarathon starts at 11 am. Half-Marathon starts at 11:30. U19/Sprint Starts at 14:00.

Please please please come early. We have had to delay the start a few times because people show up at the last minute and we have to have them in the system before we can start. This is when riders get grumpy with us and Gen and Sheri get grumpy with me! Get there on time!

Podium when most riders have finished (Grab some chilli while you wait!) We will also do draw prizes at the podium. We have some AMAZING draw prizes. stick around man, it is going to be insane!!!

Where: Dufferin County Forest (Just north of Mansfield Outdoor Centre)



XCMarathon 1 Results Click here for results 


Half-Marathon 1 Results Click here for results


Race Story here




Cyclepath Oakville smoothing the logs


Big Wheel Launch




25c but there was some snow on course!






map to race

Trail Conditions Update: Still snow. It is winter!


Trail Conditions Update:…




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