Long Sock Classic


XCMarathon Results 2017: Congrats to Robin Wallar and Veronique Fortin!

XCM Half-Marathon Results 2017: Congrats to Jon Kinsie and Valerie Flower

Race Day registration is open. (and it still includes the post race food!)

$54.87 for the Half Marathon (+HST = 62) and $64.60 for the Full Marathon (+HST=73)

One-day OCA licenses will be available.

Results will be here. Live if we can get internet in the forest.

Results 2016

LSC XCMarathon 2, 2016 

LSC Half-Marathon 2, 2016

LSC XCMarathon and Half-Marathon Fat Bike, Clydesdale, Athena May 21, 2016

The second event in the XCMarathon Cup for 2017.

Challenge yourself on either 33 km or 66 km of fun and flowing single track and double track at the Ganaraska Forest. Just follow over 1000 large, bright arrows through the woods with no fear of getting lost while riding some new trails. Go your own pace and ride with other people at your level.

The full Marathon course has three fully stocked feed/tech zones and the Half-Marathon has one. Each feed zone will have eLoad, water, bananas, SuperB tools, a Topeak floor pump and dry and wet lube. And when you are done head to the BBQ for a great big burger and salad (included for all who register and for a nominal fee for spectators).

Why is it the Long Sock Classic? Some people have noticed a bit of poison ivy in the Ganny. How do we fight it? Long socks, soap and water at each feed in case you crash or are worried, and new showers at the finish line with soap provided free for all. We also go through trails one week before and trim back most of the overhanging plants by hand to make it a more fun day for you!

Course Map 2017: (Counter clockwise starting out down ‘Rd 10’… really not a road! )


course map

When: May 20, 2017
Registration opens at 9:00 am
Marathon Starts at 11 am
Half-Marathon Starts at 11:30
Free Kids Race Starts at 10:30

Where: Ganaraska Forest Centre

map to LSC

What: The second Marathon and Half-Marathon of the 2017 XCM season

Why: Test your fitness, have fun on a fun, flowing course

Who: YOU! Everyone is welcome.
Do you like a challenge? Don’t like doing laps?
This is for you!

How Long: Marathon 66k
Half-Marathon 33k


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