Ride through the barn at round #4 of the Cannondale XCMarathon Series

You can go straight from the top of the podium to a cannon ball! The 4rd round of the Cannondale XCMarathon will finish with a BBQ next to Ontario’s only swim-up podium.

Run entirely on private property this course includes: a ride through a barn, pump tracks, a moto-cross track, seemingly endless single track, corn “maze” rides, over 15 bridges, rocky single track and some great views. This is a fun course with very little climbing.

Marathon: 2laps, 4 aid stations

Half-Marathon: 1 Laps, 2 aid station.

Sprint : 1 Lap 1 aid station.

Aid Station: There is one aid station at the start finish line.   There will also be water, eLoad, bananas, and some other grabby food at the aid station (some people like pickles… I don’t get it but who am I to judge?). We will also have a multi tool, some chain lube, a floor pump and some tubes. We have given up on having the right tube for you. There are now officially just too many options. If you can stick the tube that is there in your bike then great! get back in the race. You can send a tube to the aid station but we are not taking wheels etc.

Podium will be when most riders have finished (Grab some burgers or veggie-burgers while you wait!) We will also do draw prizes at the podium. We have some AMAZING draw prizes. Stick around man, it is going to be insane!!!

When you are done, grab a burger (or veggie burger) and some salad and chill by the pool while you wait for the podium and draw prizes (lots of draw prizes!!), and make up stories of greatness on the trail!

Want to arrive in Kingston the day before the race? No problem. Free camping the night before and after the race is included for all riders.

Kids Race at 10:00. No charge, bring out some little ones for some fun before the big kids go!

Course Map 2019 Coming soon!

Remember how is 2018 it was maybe a little too hard… well we found a way to keep ALL the fun bits and cool features, but cut out the less-fun bits and cut the distance down just by about 5k.

Where: MTB Kingston Trails (Private trails! You must be a member or ride with a member of the club on anytime other than when a race is on. This is important to keep the trails open.)

map to race


When: Saturday 1 June 2019
Registration opens at 9:00 and closes 1 hour before the start

Marathon starts at 11:00, Half-Marathon starts at 11:30, Sprint starts at 14:00

What: The Fourth Marathon, Half-Marathon and Sprint of the 2019 XCM season.

Who: YOU! Everyone is welcome.
Do you like a challenge? Don’t like doing laps?
This is for you!

How Long: Marathon 70k; Half-Marathon 35k; Sprint 17k

Early Registration: $ Sprint, $ Half-Marathon, and  $ XCMarathon +HST

Race Day registration will be open.

$ for the Sprint (+HST = $) $ for the Half Marathon (+HST = ) and $ for the Full Marathon (+HST=)


What about food: As always there will be a BBQ with some great sides and stuff to drink

Prizes: We have been told that they are great. We try to get a lot and give it all away. Part podium, and part draw prize.



Results XCMarathon

Results Half Marathon

Results Sprint

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