XCMarathon Results 2018

Half Marathon Results 2018

XCMarathon Results 2017

Half Marathon Results 2017

Early Registration: $45 Half-Marathon, $55 XCMarathon and $30 for Sprint +HST

Race Day registration is open. (and it still includes the post race food!)

$54.87 for the Half Marathon (+HST = 62)

$64.60 for the Full Marathon (+HST=73)

$39.50 for the Sprint (+HST = $45)




Fat Bike/Clydesdale

Message from a course pre-rider, “Rode the Humbler course today and even in the pouring rain I could not wipe the grin off my face. Dan and Pete Hennessy ofThe Bike Shop in Cobourg have really outdone themselves with this fast and flowing course full of single track with just the right amount of fire roads tossed in for passing. Who knew all this trail was hiding in the Northumberland Forest? If other riders don’t like this course then they just don’t know what fun is!”



2018 Course

Humbler course 2017

Course description: The first half is similar to last year (a forest is always changing, sometimes by nature, sometimes by forestry trucks…) but there are some changes when you cross the road. Keep your head up, and save a little for the last 5k. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Sprint course will not cross the road but continue onto the final few km avoiding the bigger climbs and more technical trails.

Fast and fun! bring your speedy tires and keep your head up. In our estimation (always people to argue) the course is very single speed friendly. The hardest part (technical and climbing) is the first single track when you cross Beagle Club Road. Once you get on the double track back up, it gets faster again. Poison Ivy: There is some in the area. It used to be a huge problem but the County has worked hard to get rid of it on the trail and it seems to have worked! We will still have lots of water and soap for a post race clean up. Just don’t lie down in it after you finish… There is a mild climb at 2k to go, then a gentle descent to the finish for the last km. Have fun!!!


Where: Northumberland Forest, Cobourg Ontario

44.098354, -78.107316

map to race


Marathon: 2laps, 3 aid stations

Half-Marathon: 1 Laps, 1 aid station.

Sprint: 1 Lap.

Aid Station: There is one aid station at the start finish line. For the Half Marathon riders you will pass the aid station once. For the XCMarathon riders you will pass the  aid station three times. There will be an area you can leave bottles or other things in the tent. We also have limited room for teams to set up tents for their riders.  There will also be water, eLoad, bananas, and some other grabby food at the aid station (some people like pickles… I don’t get it but who am I to judge?). We will also have a multi tool, some chain lube, a floor pump and some tubes. We have given up on having the right tube for you. There are now officially just too many options. If you can stick the tube that is there in your bike then great! get back in the race. You can send a tube to the aid station but we are not taking wheels etc.

Podium when most riders have finished (Grab some burgers or veggie-burgers while you wait!) We will also do draw prizes at the podium. We have some AMAZING draw prizes. Stick around man, it is going to be insane!!!

When: September 29, 2018. Registration opens at 9:00 and closes 1 hour before your race start.  XCMarathon starts at 11 am. Half-Marathon starts at 11:30. Sprint starts at 2 pm.  Podium when most riders have finished (Grab a burger or veggie burger while you wait!)

What: The fourth Marathon and Half-Marathon of the 2018 XCMarathon Cup

Why: Test your fitness, have fun on a flowing course that keeps you smiling.

Who: YOU! Everyone is welcome. Do you like a challenge? Don’t like doing laps? This is for you!

How Long: Marathon 70k. Half-Marathon 35k. Sprint 17k.


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