Cannondale Ontario Beach Race Championships

The most fun you are going to have on a beach this year! Come and try a beach race!

Saturday Apr 15 2023

Turkey Point Beach

The most fun you are going to have on a beach this year! Come and try a beach race!

What could be more fun than hanging out on a beach and riding bikes with a bunch of fellow crazy people?


Substance Projects is known for trying new things, and this is our latest brainwave for having fun on a bike. Did you know that Belgium, the Netherlands, and even the Brits have a Beach Race scene? Join us on April 15, 2023, to see what all the fuss is about!

What bike should I ride at a Beach Race?

Whichever bike you think will be the most fun for you!

  • Gravel/cross bike: Crazy fast on the asphalt. Slower on the sand, depending on how high the water is and how much it has rained.
  • Fat bike: Quick on the sand. More cumbersome on the hard surfaces.
  • Skinnier Mountain Bike: Fast on the asphalt.

There are no categories based on tire size. As long as there is no motor and you are smiling, it is all good!


To climb or not to climb?

No Climb

The morning race is 11k of beach and town terrain on a slightly gentler course and without the climb up Old Hill Road. (We are not making this up, that is the name of the climb!)


The afternoon race is six laps of a 6k course, with a 3k rip down the beach, 3k back up the road, and a little punchy 33m climb to keep you on your toes!


Beach party!

In between we will have some fun on the beach. Bring your beach toys, sand castle kit and dig in. Want the best view of the race? Why not hop on your SUP on Kayak and see if you can get down the beach faster in the water!


9:00 Parking/Sign-In open

10:00 Youth/Short Race Sign-In closed

10:30 Youth/Short Race Start

11:30 Youth/Short Race Podium

11:30 Championship Race Sign-In closed

11:45 Sandcastle/bunny hop competition

12:00 Championship Race Start

14:30 Championship Race Podium (then burgers at Sandbar On The Beach!)


We are keeping them super simple:


10:30 Start – 2 Laps (11k)*

  • Open
  • Open Women
  • U19 Open
  • U19 Women
  • U17 Open
  • U17 Women
  • U13 Open
  • U13 Women
  • Non-Binary


12:00 Start – 6 Laps (36k)

  • Open
  • Over 50 Open
  • Women
  • Over 50 Women
  • Single Speed
  • Non-Binary


There will be no equipment-based categories… well, except single speed because… singlespeeders.

*The 10:30 start will not include the climb up Old Hill Road and will turn right onto Old Hill Road from Snooks Dr.

Road Closure

The only road closed for the event is Old Hill Rd. Stay on the LEFT side. (Just pretend you’re in Britain.) Don’t cross the cones/centre line, and call your passes.

Other roads are open. This means that when you are riding on Ordanance, Cedar, Harold and Snooks, you must follow traffic rules and course marshals. The OPP will be on site, advising all motorists of the bike race as they enter town, but you are still responsible for following the Highway Traffic Act. Keep it safe out there!


Course Marking

Course marking will be a mix of traffic barriers, caution tape, orange arrows, pylons and course marshals.


We will have a strict “No Whining” policy. If it was easy and all downhill, then you wouldn’t feel like you had accomplished anything.

Weather Guarantee

Weather is always changing and can completely change a race. So we developed the Substance Projects 100% Weather Guarantee: We guarantee that 100% of the course will have weather. If any section does not have weather, we will refund you that percentage of your entry fee upon proof that there was no weather.

Inclusive Race

Our races are for everyone. In the spirit of equality and inclusion we celebrate difference and especially encourage those who have historically been excluded from out sport. See our Inclusion Statement for more.


For 2023 there will be NO REFUNDS for those who can’t make it on race day or for cancellation of the event for any reason. If the event cannot proceed, we will carry over entries to the rescheduled date or credit you for another Substance Projects event.


If you are found to be dropping packaging or bottles intentionally, you will be disqualified from the event. We want to run this race again, and if people find litter on the road we will not get the permits to return.





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