The Humbler Cannondale XCMarathon 1

The Humbler is back for 2021! Lots of great trails which a beginner can ride, but you will need mad skills to ride at full speed. Come see which one you are.

Saturday Oct 02 2021

Northumberland County Forest Beagle Club Parking Lot

The Humbler is back for 2021! Lots of great trails which a beginner can ride, but you will need mad skills to ride at full speed. Come see which one you are.

The Humbler is back! Round 1 of the Cannondale XCMarathon Series 2021.

This year the XCMarathon series will look a little different.

Registration will open Sunday September 19 at 9:00 AM

First 75 riders registered get a cool shoe/helmet/smelly-riding-kit stuff sack.

15km Morning Race

Starting off in the morning we will have an Individual Time Trial start ~15km one-lap race. The field will be limited to 100 riders so sign up fast. Riders will start at 30 second intervals in cohorts of 25 with a 3 minute gap between cohorts. This is a perfect place for younger riders and anyone who is interested in trying their first race. Lots of excitement and fun on a marked course while you try to set your fastest time without worrying about riding in a big group all. All the race, none of the stress.

45km Afternoon Race

The next group will start riding at 12:30 and will tackle the 15k course 3 times for a 45km race against the clock. We will be revisiting our options as we get closer, with regards to permits and COVID restrictions, to group riders closer together. Start order will be based on your category. The afternoon 45km race will be limited to 100 riders. So register fast to get in.


Course map coming soon.(Pending final approval) The course will be fast and fun. There are a few roots and some rolling climbs, but it will be very rideable. While most people will be able to ride it, you will have to have skills and nerves of steel to get the most speed out of it.

Important reminder: Call your pass! We want to keep the course fun so there is a lot of single track, but it is wide in many parts to allow passing. So call in advance ‘rider passing’,and if you hear someone passing coming up behind you, please allow them through as soon as it is safe! Don’t hold people up but also don’t get all elbowy on us and make people feel unsafe. Cool?


8:00 – Rider check in for 15km opens

9:00 – First rider for 15km starts

11:00 -Last Rider for 15km Finish

15km Depart

11:30 – Rider check in for 45km Opens

12:30 – First rider for 45km starts

12:45 – Last rider for 45km starts

14:30 – First rider for 45km finish

In the afternoon race riders will start in groups of three every 30 seconds. Categories will be grouped together for the start and there is a 1km double track section to the first single track. You will be spaced out to keep everyone safe (and meet the local health guidelines!) and close enough to be riding with people you are racing with. Can you catch the group in front? The group in front of them? Get into the single track first? Hold off the riders behind? Make sure you pin it! (Or just chill and have a great ride 😉 )

As each category will be starting within a couple minutes of each other we will be able to do podiums 5 minutes after third place has finished. So get changed quickly and be ready for podium! Results will be posted online. Check for results or visit for fresh link on race day

E-Bike Category Rules

-max engine power 250w

-pedal assist only

-engine assist up to 32km/hr

-no extra batteries may be carried

-all other e-bike rules per the UCI e bike rules


As riders will be starting in their category groups podium will be done asap when the last rider in each group finishes. Please keep an eye on results and stick around the finish if you are in the top 3 so we can do podiums. But please always keep a MINIMUM of 3m apart.

Course Signage

There will be lots of signage on course. Arrows warning of a turn, arrows telling you to turn, arrows telling you that you have made the right turn, arrows telling you to go straight…. Lots of arrows.
Our arrows are orange UCI shaped arrows on a white background. We also have an X for when you miss a turn. These are used at our discretion and are not at every turn so keep you head up, or use your GPS


Morning Race

First 50 Entrants $35

Entrants 51-75 $40

Entrants 76-100 $45

Afternoon 45k Race

First 50 Entrants $50

Entrants 51-75 $55

Entrants 76-100 $60

Insurance/License/OCA Membership

Insurance for the event and sanctioning will be provided by the Ontario Cycling Association. All participants must be a member of the OCA with a citizens permit or race license, or an affiliated UCI body. An Affiliate Club Membership does not provide insurance for racing and you will need to upgrade to a Citizens Permit with the OCA or, for a nominal cost, we will be offering a  one-day membership at registration for those who do not intend to get a race license or citizens permit this year.

Substance Projects Weather Guarantee

Weather is always challenging and can completely change a race. So we developed the Substance Projects 100% Weather Guarantee: We guarantee that 100% of the course will have weather. If any section doesn’t have weather we will refund you that percentage of your entry fee upon proof there was no weather.


We will have a strict ‘No Whining’ policy. If it was all easy and downhill then it wouldn’t feel like you have accomplished anything!

Inclusive Race

These are races for everyone! In the spirit of equity and inclusion we celebrate difference and especially encourage those who have historically been excluded from sport. See our Inclusion Statement on our ‘About’ page

Cancellation / Refunds

For 2021 there will be NO REFUNDS for those who can’t make it on race day or for cancellation of the event for any reason. If the event cannot proceed registrants will have their entry carried over to the re-scheduled date or have credit for another Substance Projects Event.


Please ensure that your email is accurate on your registration and check your junk mail during the week prior to the race as we will be sending out instructions from .

Race Day Registration

There will be no race day registration in 2021.

Registration will close end of day September 29, 2021




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