Cannondale Scrappy Badger

The Scrappy Badger is back! 80 or 40 km of epic gravel racing/riding await. We can't wait to see everyone out on the gravel again.

Saturday Sep 11 2021

Baltimore Recreation Centre

The Scrappy Badger is back! 80 or 40 km of epic gravel racing/riding await. We can't wait to see everyone out on the gravel again.

The Cannondale Scrappy Badger is back for 2021! We can’t wait to get back on the gravel and see all the smiling faces. There have been a few little changes to enhance your ‘gravel’ experience in 2021. Featuring an 80 and 40k epic lap with lots of variety to keep you on your toes.

For 2021 the Scrappy Badger will be run as an Individual Time Trial.


We are excited to be racing again and can’t wait to hit the trails with you!


Doing our part in helping keep everyone safe — riders, event volunteers, staff, the wider community — is our top concern. Looking ahead to September, we are unsure if a mass-start will be wise (or even allowed). As a result, we are changing the format of the Scrappy Badger to an individual time trial.


We’ve made this decision in discussion with Odyssey Medical and Ontario Cycling, with reference to official health guidelines, and in light of the uncertainties of the fourth wave of the pandemic.


The individual time trial format, with 30-second intervals between starters, is the same one we used for the Eager Beaver race this past August 7, and it was an outstanding success.


Want to ride with someone at the Scrappy Badger? Give us the name of your buddy on the registration page, and we will give you consecutive spots on the start list. (Note: you both must be registered for the same distance.)


Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support in getting back to racing bikes!

There will be no day-of registration.

What do you get?

  • Finisher Pint glass
  • A killer course with a lot of different types of ‘gravel’
  • Professional first aid and COVID protocol management by Odyssey Medical
  • ‘Over-Marked’ course so you can enjoy the day without worrying about getting lost
  • Inclusive and encouraging vibe
  • GPS track to follow so you are super confident
  • Wicked Draw Prizes!
  • Aid Station on course
  • Team Colin DJ/announcer services (you can ask him to play a cool track as you start)


The Highway Traffic Act applies
Important reminder for everyone riding the Scrappy Badger. The roads are not closed. You are expected to follow all traffic laws. If you are caught breaking them you will be disqualified. There is a lot of climbing and rough surface and challenging roads. You will not win or lose the race by running a stop sign, so don’t!


There will be lots of signage on course. Arrows warning of a turn, arrows telling you to turn, arrows telling you that you have made the right turn, arrows telling you to go straight…. Lots of arrows.
Our arrows are orange UCI shaped arrows on a white background. We also have an X for when you miss a turn. These are used at our discretion and are not at every turn so keep you head up, or use your GPS

Odyssey Medical

Odyssey Medical will be on site to take care of any first aid issues. If you or a rider near you is injured during the race call Odyssey Medical (on number plate) or report to one of the Aid Stations.

Insurance/License/OCA Membership:

Insurance for the event and sanctioning will be provided by the Ontario Cycling Association. All participants must be a member of the OCA or an affiliated UCI body. We will be offering, for a nominal cost,  one-day membership at registration for those who do not intend to get a membership this year.

What Bike Can I Ride?

Anything you want as long as it is safe! Since Cannondale is our title sponsor let’s say this course would be great on a Topstone. It would be super fast on a Super Six EVO SE, and it would be a butter smooth yet fast ride on a Topstone Lefty. Make sense?
Or you can be like Team Colin and ride 33mm tires no matter what and have a great time.
You can ride a mountain bike, you can even ride a fat bike! As long as you have fun.

Substance Projects Weather Guarantee

Weather is always challenging and can completely change a race. So we developed the Substance Projects 100% Weather Guarantee: We guarantee that 100% of the course will have weather. If any section doesn’t have weather we will refund you that percentage of your entry fee upon proof there was no weather.


We will have a strict ‘No Whining’ policy. If it was all easy and downhill then it wouldn’t feel like you have accomplished anything!

Inclusive Race

These are races for everyone! In the spirit of equity and inclusion we celebrate difference and especially encourage those who have historically been excluded from sport. See our Inclusion Statement on our ‘About’ page

Cancellation/ Refunds

For 2021 there will be NO REFUNDS for those who can’t make it on race day or for cancellation of the event for any reason. If the event cannot proceed registrants will have their entry carried over to the re-scheduled date or have credit for another Substance Projects Event.




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