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 We are back! Super stoked to be racing “down south” on Lake Erie.

The Burning Kiln Winery is the centre for Registration and Start/Finish and provides the most picturesque setting we have ever raced in. Added bonus: the winery is open, so before or after you race, you can just pop down to grab a bottle or two for your Christmas party. Or bring friends and family and leave them in the sampling room while you head out to race! We have you covered.
You can even re-gift your draw prize! We have over $1000 in draw prizes lined up so stick around, you might win some sweet fat bike schwag!

We also have warm comfy washrooms, which you might need!

If you feel like a glass of red wine to warm you up, our entire grounds are licenced for by the glass sales between 11 am and 5 pm. John and Marilyn will be working in the tasting bar, so say hi, they’ll be happy to help you. I’m sure that your fan club cheering you on will be happy to hear this news.

The Course:

Fat bike race courses can be challenging. In 2016 the winning time for the Marathon was 1:36 and on the same course in 2017 it was 2:39! So for 2018 we will be much more chilled about the length and ‘one lap’ thing.

We have a cool new course planned out which is about 34k and has some new trails in it. But if it snows at the last minute we have some other plans as well to keep things ‘wicked fun’ in the woods and keep to the groomed trail. We can’t control nature but we can learn.

Slight change to the course as of December 12 due to hunting in the area.


Where: Burning Kiln Winery, 1709 Front Road, St. Williams, ON, N0E 1P0
When: December 15, 2018. Registration is 9-10 am. Race starts at 11 am.
Late registration pricing starts December 10! Don’t wait until the last minute!!! (online registration closes 12:01 am December 13, but there will be day-of registration, cash only)
Permitted Tire Sizes: Same as 2018 we have a Chubby Cat. There is a 3.0 – 3.5 x 27.5/29 Category. Or we have the age based categories for 3.7 and up bikes. If the trails are free of snow, we may have a Skinny-Cat category* (though Skinny-Cat riders do not gain series points). Sadly thre will not be a Skinny Cat. at the Fat Turkey Marathon. After discussing with the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club, based on the current forecast, it looks like the freeze/thaw cycle could make for soft trails and we don’t want to risk leaving ruts through the forest.  There is a strict NO WHINING policy regarding tire width. We have to keep all the groomers happy or they will roll over us with their equipment.
Who is it for: Everyone who likes to ride bikes and wants to get out to a fun event at a new location in December. Plenty of time to get back for Christmas parties (just think of how much more you can eat!).
Food: There is wine for sale by the glass at the winery, and as usual we will be providing chilli and hot chocolate for riders at the finish line. Feel free to bring your own bowl and spoon. (C’mon, be our eco-hero!)

*Final decision on availability of the Skinny-Cat category to be made the week of the race, based on conditions and forecast. 

Thanks to SunflowerFilms for the great vid of the start of the race in 2016!



Race 1 in the Cannondale Ontario Fat Bike Series p/b 45NRTH

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